torstaina, elokuuta 11, 2005

What creature of the supernatural do you fancy yourself to be?

All Hail! You are an Angel! Of the highest order of purity and loyalty, angels like you tend to value honor and virtue before their own lives. Willing to go the extra mile at any time, you win over a lot of your toughest critics, but also tend to attract a lot of demonic attention. Maybe if you slowed down a little, Mister Righteous! Take it easy, you may have the soul of an angel, but you're only human. Live your life full and to the point. Don't make so much of a habit to save the day. Still, you have a heart of gold and people will always love you for it. Eager to please and sweet to the point of sugar-shock, Angels are by far the most beautiful of the supernatural.
Witch are you?


At 11.8.05, Blogger Lz said... tend to attract a lot of demonic attention..?!


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